Theresa May be telling whoppers about immigration and the ECHR

Theresa vs Ken. I'm with Ken.

It’s fair to say that many leading Conservatives and their bag-carriers in the press haven’t exactly covered themselves in glory in the last 24 hours. and it is an indication of the poisoned political discourse that exists in Britain that it is left to Ken Clarke, of all people, to be the voice of reason.
The Tory Party conference is a reminder, if it were needed, of what a complete bunch of jackboot-wearing victorian-era fucking wankers how vile they are really are. It bewilders me how anyone who claimed to possess a conscience could vote for them.
To be fair they didn’t. Not in any significant numbers anyway. In 2010 they got 36% of the vote on 65% turnout, i.e. less than a quarter ofthe popular vote, and were nearly 20 seats short of an overall majority in Parliament. Nevertheless they want to act like it was the 1980s all over again, when they clearly, and bewilderingly, had significant popular support (though once again their share of the vote didn’t reflect their share of the seats) For many Tories however, I get the distinct feeling that democracy is a means to an end and as the self-anointed ‘natural party of government,’ they feel they can impose their dystopian world-view and 19th century morality on the rest of us regardless of whether they have any democratic mandate to do so.
Several episodes today provided ample proof that they remain the shower of shit they have always been. They have always been good at identifying scapegoats to distract attention from themselves when they are fucking up the economy, and their faithful bum-lickers in the media provide a daily onslaught on their chosen victims. So, in  no particular order; immigrants, the European Convention on Human Rights, rioters and the jobless poor have been getting it in the neck. The Tories like to pick on people that can’t fight back. The pricks.
Theresa May, as usual taking her cue from the feral right-wing press, told the Tory Conference today that the authorities were unable to deport an illegal immigrant as he owned a cat, the provisions of the ECHR preventing him from being sent back. The only problem is that this has turned out to be bollocks and that May was in fact telling a big porky.  In a proper functioning democracy she would be sacked immediately for such a lie. No chance of that though, as it will have had the desired effect with the ill-informed, bigoted and frankly uneducated dross that make up so much of the Tory electorate. For Theresa May, the non-story was manna in heaven as it allowed her to pick on two favourite Tory targets, human rights legislation and illegal immigrants.
It took Ken Clarke, of all people, to lead the chorus of ridicule. To be fair Clarke (whatever his very many faults) seems to have a developed a healthy contempt for much of  the government’s social policy and has realised that the “hang ’em and flog ’em brigade” are hopelessly out of touch with reality. He openly mocked May at a conference fringe meeting and stated in no uncertain terms that the whole story was a load of shite. He also launched into a brave defence of the Human Rights Act and the place it should take in any healthy liberal democracy, and indeed a healthy Tory Party. May has promised that she “will look at it again.” The story will presumably die a quick death, be quickly forgotten, and the Daily Mail will focus instead on the latest child-sacrificing Somalian with a love of dog-raping living in a Surrey mansion, all at the taxpayers expense.
It wouldn’t be an economic crisis without the Tories giving the jobless a good kicking. After all it is the indolent bastards own fault that they are unemployed, and things like horrible disability and the almost total absence of jobs are just trifling insignificances, and are only pathetic excuses for lazy, workshy handout-grabbing. It has been proposed that people on JSA will need to accept any job offered them within a 90-minute radius of their homes or face losing their benefit. Truly ‘Compassionate Conservatism’ in action. Frankly it is unconscionable to expect people to be forced to travel those sort of distances to work for what will be in all likelihood shit wages. But again, it plays well with the Tory gallery of bourgeois and would-be bourgeois mouth-breathers. The human cost, as per usual, is outweighed by the potential political capital to be accrued.
And finally, Boris Johnson today told Conference that police should arrest anyone who swears at them. The potty-mouthed writers at Representing The Mambo will need to avoid the pigs then…….. Johnson, with his bumbling, self-effacing ‘good chap’ shtick is popular with the party faithful as well as the wider electorate, even though the Nigel Bruce-esque buffoonery masks a ruthless political operator and at times breathtakingly cynical Machiavellian instinct. Johnson and the rest of the government were clearly embarrassed that they were made to look such fools during the summer of riots. The angry public reaction to the foolishly and arrogantly tardy reponse by the Mayor, PM and other members of the Cabinet in the immediate aftermath of the unrest has perversely been used to justify a draconian legal response and a further toughening up of police powers. Once again, it all went down well with the audience of Alf Garnett-loving old-timers. Quite how he expects such a policy to be implemented, with the police being stretched to the limit by the planned cuts in spending and police numbers, is another matter. It all reeks of the ill-judged ‘Back to Basics‘ campaign. The only difference this time is that we already know who Johnson has been shagging. 
And these clowns could win an outright majority majority at the next election. For fuck’s sake……..

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  1. Sir Digby Chicken-Ceasar
    Oct 04, 2011 @ 20:37:36

    Hi there – a fairly succinct examination if I may say so.


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  5. Lou
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 13:48:44

    I just discovered your blog, and whilst I may not always agree sometimes with your style of attack – thank fuck for blogs like this!

    I lost all faith in popular society many many years ago. It seems everyone has been turned into fascist mindless drones who can only understand a particular debate/argument if it has been reduced to simple mindless stereotypes and polarisation. The rest just seem to be far too self involved to give a shit, and lap up whatever they read in whatever paper they read.

    As for the Con(ning bastards) party, this is just another very scary example of just how low they are prepared to go to fool the average person. I just despair, I really do.


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