Brilliant article on Amanda Knox

Unlike most of the population of planet earth I don’t know for sure whether or not Amanda Knox was involved in the murder of Meredith Kircher. I wasn’t there and I wasn’t at the trial.

The thing is I’m really uncomfortable with the tone of the discourse emanating from the ‘guilty’ brigade. It appears that Knox, who seems to have a healthy sexual appetite and is a bit of a corker in the appearance department, ‘looks’ guilty. Ergo she is. Terms that have been used, like ‘she-devil’ and ‘witch,’ bring nothing to the discussion.  

Daily Mail notions of correct feminine behaviour have been allowed to take the place of any hard evidence in order to establish Knox’s guilt. Knox hasn’t been sufficiently demure and many columnists seem to think you can establish a genuine causal relationship between sexual adventurism and being some kind of wild homicidal maniac.

Italian justice has been made to look pretty ropey, but I don’t think commentators in Britain or America are in a position to offer Italians  advice as to how to run their legal system. At least they aren’t executing innocent people.

The article referred to in the title is here. A really good piece that fleshes out in far more eloquent language the issues I have just raised, and the right-wing trollery in the comment section underneath is a good laugh.

Maybe some time soon I will write a few words on the odious loudmouth Amanda Platell.


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  1. Left Eye Right Eye
    Oct 09, 2011 @ 18:20:16

    Oh my goodness, that Amanda Platell piece about Knox is the most horrible thing I’ve ever seen. She might not be guilty, but she “chills the blood” and OH MY GOODNESS SIN OF ALL SINS, SHE KISSED HER OWN BOYFRIEND! SHE HAS HAD SEX AT LEAST ONCE AND ENJOYED IT! So even if she’s innocent of doing anything actually wrong at all, ever, in her life, which for all anyone knows, she is, let’s just write about how evil and unnatural she seems. How charming. Extremely considerate towards not just Knox and her family – who probably haven’t been through much lately, let’s face it, so give them something to really stress about why don’t we – but also towards the family of Kercher who definitely, definitely, need to see this kind of thing in the papers.

    I have a suggestion for Ms Platell. She could try dunking Amanda Knox in water to see if she floats or not. It would be more time consuming I guess than looking into her eyes to see if she feels “unsettled” but on the other hand they could spread loads of lovely pictures of Knox’s face across their papers and their sales/web hits would shoot up.


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