Was going to write something about this subject but nothing I could do would top this. A very, very good piece. In the last 24 hours or so I have been absolutely shocked by the indifference that so many people have shown towards these beautiful animal’s welfare.
Horse racing, in the final analysis, is about money. If that relentless pursuit of money means that animals are having to die (40 this year on the course that the Grand National is held on apparently) on this scale then either the sport needs to change completely or just stop. Animals are not there for our entertainment and people who think they are have lost their moral bearings.

Moments of Clarity

It was my great misfortune to see this years Grand National. The death of two horses would be horrific enough but the death of Cheltham Gold Cup winner, Synchronised in many ways eptiomised all that is wrong with the race. We are told the horses want to race that this is their life, however, even before the event had started Synchronised had made a bid for freedom. Were a human to behave in a similar way we would rightly adjudge that the person in question didn’t want to do the task that lay in front of them that effective consent had been withdrawn and therefore coercion to proceed was highly immoral (and in many contexts actually illegal). Synchronised should have been withdrawn at that point but wasn’t; no-doubt the allure of doing the ‘Double’ was too much to resist for his owners.

Proponents of the National have had endless opportunities to…

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