That Toby Young is a complete wanker, isn’t he……

Pride's Purge

(This is not satire – it’s Toby Young)

Tory spokesman and Free School advocate Toby Young, writing in The Spectator, thinks disabled children should be excluded from schools.

No – I’m not exaggerating – he really does say that wheelchair ramps in schools are an example of ‘ghastly, politically correct’ inclusiveness.

Of course, if you’re in wheelchair – wheelchair ramps are not just political correctness. Not having a ramp WILL exclude you.

But perhaps Sun columnist Toby thinks that educating children who can’t walk would in some way mean more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education in our schools?

As opposed, presumably, to allowing more ‘dumbing down’ of the level of education by accepting children of the rich and influential who fail their exams into exclusive universities? (bear with me for a moment and I’ll explain what I mean by that).

This nonsense about excluding children with disabilities is particularly interesting…

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  1. rob the crip
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 16:11:29

    I do not disagree with him of course for all the wrong reasons, main stream schools can never replace special schools. My old school was so build so I could reach the light switch the tables were lower, the kitchen adapted for me to use in a wheelchair. Then when they went up to the mainstream school we for example only had four rooms, we could not go up stairs because no lifts we were basically segregated within the school.

    Then we had one way out a door at the back, with a wheelchair ramp we were already struggling to integrate now we were to worse off, they ended up moving us back to the social school.


  2. Tom Pride
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 20:06:03

    Good points – obviously the whole subject of disability access is complex and needs intelligent, constructive discussion – not the knee-jerk, intolerant level that people like Toby Young are dragging it down to.


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