Another fascinating piece from Pride’s Purge (which is an absolutely fantastic blog by the way) regarding G4S’s previous less than glorious track record.
One would hope that the farcical succession of stories in the last few days regarding just how useless G4S are will make the government pause for a moment and wonder if their mania for out-sourcing and privatizing everything that the state does is such a good idea. I’m sure some people will be making a fortune from these deals of course, but there is also no doubt that the ‘savings’ that are supposedly the hallmark of ‘private sector efficiency’ will be found by compromising the quality of services. The motivations driving what we are often told is ‘sensible politics’ are a) cost-cutting, whatever the consequences and b) ideology and a desire to undermine workers conditions and their capacity to resist.
With this brainless, mule-like regime we have however, I wouldn’t hold my breath that there will be a re-think. No doubt they will carry on regardless, largely because the corporations that stand to benefit from all of these ‘reforms’ have by and large captured the Conservative Party (and much of the rest of our political class for that matter)………

Pride's Purge

(This isn’t satire – it’s G4S!)

Is it only me that’s noticed G4S were the company in charge of airport security which let some of the 9/11 hijackers slip through?

Through a contract with United Airlines, a company called Argenbright Security operated passenger security checkpoints at Dulles International Airport, where five hijackers passed through before boarding American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11, 2001.

But Argenbright were a subsidiary of Securicor, who are now – yes, you’ve guessed it – G4S.

The company was also fined for hiring people to work on airport security with criminal convictions for assault and drug possession.

In the US, FAA investigators found that Argenbright was regularly employing people who didn’t speak English and that it was paying workers no better than wages in a fast-food restaurant.

Now, where have I heard that before?

Don’t you think – in light of the complete shambles G4S has brought to the…

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