Well looks like Rangers Tax Case feel there work is done. I’m not so sure myself, but I wouldn’t want to claim that I knew more than the writers of probably one of the finest blogs on the web. They have shone a light on the truly disgraceful goings-on at Rangers FC. I for one hope the club does start life on the Third Division and if the people running the club had a shred of decency they would too. It’s interesting to reflect that despite being demoted their budget is still likely to dwarf anyone but Celtic’s. So I won’t shed too many tears for them.

Rangers Tax Case

On 27th March 2011, this blog started what was to become a remarkable odyssey. Attracting a range of very well qualified contributors from across the Scottish professional world, this blog quickly grew to become the place for informed debate on the subject of the disintegration of Rangers.  It was also behind the vast majority of the factual revelations on this sorry story until it went mainstream with the broadcast of the BBC Scotland documentary “Rangers- The Men Who Sold The Jerseys” in late May 2012.

The motivation to write this blog was fired by a fear that backroom deals would allow Rangers to escape responsibility for its actions. After Darrell King (Evening Times & The Herald) rushed to get the first stories with specifics about Rangers’ tax problems into print in April 2010, the Scottish media (including King) implemented a policy of black-out and denial. In the silence of the first…

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