Excellent piece on the utter insanity of police privatization. G4S can’t organise a piss-up in a brewery and yet they are being more and more police contracts. It’s crazy.

Pride's Purge

(This isn’t satire – it’s G4S!)

So Warwickshire Police are going to be using detectives employed by private security company G4S to investigate serious crimes like murder, including interviewing suspects and witnesses and conducting house to house enquiries.

Don’t know about you – and I don’t know the legal implications of this – but if someone employed by G4S wanted to interview me as a witness during a police investigation I would refuse to cooperate and only agree to be questioned by a bona fide police officer.

I’d be prepared to be charged with hindering a police investigation. My defence would be that I wasn’t hindering a police investigation because it wasn’t actually a police investigation at all – it was one being conducted by a private firm.

If as I suspect, I wouldn’t be the only one to think like this, how is that going to affect criminal investigations in the long…

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  1. charliecountryboy
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 19:39:15

    I usually agree with you, but this time I really, really agree with you😉 Seriously though, this will never get off the ground, will it?


  2. Treborc
    Aug 15, 2012 @ 21:44:50

    Well lots of Inspector Jacques Clouseau.looking for jobs you know.


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