A moving piece on a largely unknown hero of a hugely symbolic moment in 20th century history. Norman did a great thing and was villified for it. Shiraz are writing more articles on sports of late. It’s a development to be welcomed…….

Shiraz Socialist

The inspirational activist and former athlete John Carlos recently visited the UK, speaking at a number of meetings where his message of how sport can play a part in anti-racist struggle was, quite properly, very well received. John Carlos’s visit reminded us of his defiant ‘black power’ salute, together with fellow black American Tommie Smith at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. It was captured in this famous photo:

Peter Norman (left) Tommie Smith (centre) and John Carlos (right).

When I recently re-blogged a Workers Liberty article about John Carlos and reproduced the photo, I made no mention of the white guy on the left. Like (I suspect) most people, I had no idea and no particular interest in who he was. In fact, I thought he looks a bit embarrassed and, with his back turned to Smith and Carlos, assumed he’s trying to keep his distance from them.

How wrong can you be?

It’s Peter Norman, the Australian silver-medallist in the 200-meter event won by…

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