Astonishing article detailing the consequences of the out-sourcing and cost-saving mania of our political class. Scary stuff. Pride’s Purge is a valuable blog.

Pride's Purge

(This is not satire – it’s ALS!)

Have you heard the one about the Delboy character who set up a firm in his bedroom and then persuaded naive government ministers to award him with a £300 million contract  – a decision which has now become so disastrous, in some cases it’s brought Britain’s criminal justice system to a halt?

Yes I know it’s getting difficult to keep track of all the unbelievably incompetent fiascos happening as a result of the government’s attempts to cut costs by farming essential services out to whichever Delboy character they come across – but you’re really going to have to keep up.

First some background.

Crime is an international business. Police and courts on a daily basis need to be able to communicate internationally – not just to deal with foreign criminals operating here but for witness statements and expert opinion as well as…

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