Excellent piece on an issue that could become very big very soon. I’ve blogged previously on how in Birmingham the national government is passing responsibility for one of their nastiest cuts onto the local council, a situation that is naturally being replicated up and down the country. Is it too much to hope that Labour councils will actually refuse to do it and demand that the Conservatives desist from their ideological agenda? (and don’t worry readers I know the answer already….)

Guy Debord's Cat

Just when you think this venal government couldn’t get any crueller, I read today that the Con Dems are to scrap Council Tax Benefit (CTB) and leave it to local councils to make their own arrangements. This is what they describe as “localism”, which in an earlier blog, I described as a “marketing gimmick to sell council cuts”. It would appear that my initial fears have been proven correct. The definition of the word, “empowerment” in the Tory lexicon, is to grant local authorities the power to screw the poor.

This article from today’s Guardiantells us that Lord Snooty faces a rebellion in his own constituency over this issue.

David Cameron is facing a revolt in his own Oxfordshire “backyard” as local Tories join a national outcry over council tax reforms that they say will cost people on low earnings more than £420 a year from next April.


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  1. treborc
    Aug 26, 2012 @ 21:43:33

    I suspect all parties are out to make the poor pay something for the bankers, so long as the politicians are safe, who cares, the poor and the vulnerable seem to accept their fate.


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