There has been something a little contrived about the row that has blown up regarding Nick Clegg’s one-off wealth tax. He must have known how the Tories would respond. So why even suggest it? As for the Tories, Bernard Jenkin banging on about the “politics of envy” just illustrates how intellectually bereft this government is. They can only respond with cliches. And yet they keep getting away with it. Extraordinarily irritating stuff. We are governed by pygmies.

Pride's Purge


The Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has demanded Britain’s wealthiest Conservative MPs take more notice of him by telling them he thinks they should pay more tax.

The astonishing statement came as the deputy prime minister told the Guardian he is embarking on a battle to persuade his Tory coalition partners to stop ignoring him by suggesting rich Tories should shoulder a greater burden of the economic pain instead of piling all the blame on him instead.

Mr Clegg is calling for an emergency “time limited proposal” for the richest in society to pay more – a proposal which he suggests should last just long enough to get him through the difficult party conference season before they all go back to blaming the poor for the economic crisis and paying as little tax as possible.

Mr Clegg explained:

Clearly in a period when so many people are having…

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