Good piece on Breivik. Listening to the far-right bang on about their obsessions is at once amusing and enormously depressing. What planet are these people living on?

Originally posted on Guy Debord's Cat:

I’ve just been reading this rather fascinating article in yesterday’s Guardian, which tells us that Britain’s far-right extremists see Norwegian mass-killer and self-styled “knight”, Anders Breivik as a role model. That in itself isn’t disturbing, we expect the fash to admire Breivik. They admire anyone who claims to hate Islam, ‘multi-culturalism’ and the non-existent concept of ‘cultural Marxism’. What I find interesting is the far-right’s rush to claim that any one of their number who is imprisoned for violent offences is automatically a martyr in their eyes.

Here’s an unintentionally amusing quote from the article that reveals the far-right’s penchant for drama.

Kickboxer Darren Clifft from Walsall tried to garner support for a petition to free Breivik last week. The 23-year-old National Front supporter, who posts as “Daz MarxistHunter”, left a message on Facebook stating: “[Breivik] is truly inspirational. He sacrificed his life so Europe might be free again…

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