I think the interesting thing about the whole Grant Shapps imbroglio is that we have become strangely inured to all the sleaze stories that we hear about our politicians. As Tom Pride points out, once upon a time this would have been a resigning issue. But as Jeremy Hunt and all the expenses fiddlers can testify, that doesn’t appear to the case anymore. As long as you are willing to brazen it out (or enough of you are guilty of the same thing) then you can get away with it. It’s sad that all our politicians, of whatever hue, appear to be so corrupt and (corruptible). And of course, this piece points out far removed from reality the Bullingdon Boys running our country are from reality. “Amusement park” indeed.

Pride's Purge

(This is not satire – it’s true)

Believe it or not, the newly-promoted co-chairman of the Tory Party, Grant Shapps, has called the recession ‘an amusement ride’.

Obviously when people are actually struggling to feed their families, he wouldn’t dare say such an outrageous thing under his own name for fear it would affect his party’s electoral prospects – so he didn’t.

He said it under a pseudonym, Michael Green, instead.

Michael Green refers to himself as ‘a successful online marketer’,  ‘marketing guru’ and states ‘his wealth is such that he actually flies his very own personal plane and also lives in a fabulous mansion’.

But Grant Shapps, the Tory Party co-chairman, has admitted Michael Green is the pseudonym he uses to separate his business activities (which by the way are having some serious difficulties at the moment) from his political activities.

Mr Green/Shapps has produced what he calls…

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  1. NJH
    Sep 09, 2012 @ 16:13:54

    This is potential gold dust for Labour at the next election. Why is it not being emblazoned everywhere? Not got a job? Go ski-ing. Bit out of pocket? Go and buy another property. Preferably buy-to-let.
    It is some of the most disgraceful remarks ever from a senior party man and unless you read the right blog or newspaper article you would not know that it had even been written.
    The problem is, as you stated, that we have become inured. Why aren’t the lies, cheats and fiddles reported on a daily basis? It wouldn’t be because, except for a few worthies like Dennis Skinner, they are all in it up to their eyeballs?


  2. Robert
    Sep 11, 2012 @ 06:59:03

    Well you only have to look at who was caught up in the expenses scandals to see why not to many are bouncing up and down at comments like this.

    I’m disabled going through my WCA medical now, I suspect the loss of bowel and bladder will end up being seen as nothing more then discomfort or cheating or scrounging, something all parties believe.

    This week labour came out saying the Tories new benefits regime of paying lower benefits, and paid monthly is a great idea, we know that Miliband thinks disability is basically cheating.

    So in the end Labour are not screaming about the chairman because they probably believe he’s right.

    New labours not dead, it doing rather well now the boss is back.


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