Good piece from Andrew Coates. You’d hardly know that there were elections in Holland right now, such is the wall-to-wall coverage of every nuance of the American election that dominates so much international political reporting. The left are doing rather well in the Dutch elections, but as Andrew points out, to listen to some commentators and politicians of the centre-left we should be more interested in Barack Obama’s election strategy (a president who in many respects is just as right-wing as the Tory government) than what a serious socialist party is doing on our doorstep. A very, very big mistake. But also a quite deliberate one on the part of the people making it.

Tendance Coatesy

Appeal to Ipswich Businesswoman.

“We have to find new ways to connect our politics with the small businesswoman in Ipswich, the GP in Fleetwood, the personal trainer in Gloucester.” write Douglas Alexander and David Miliband in The Observer.

“The lessons Labour must learn from Barack Obama and the Democrats” is part of the swelling tide of material broadcast and written about the coming US elections.

The authors, like the British media,  are largely uninterested in the Polls in Holland on September the 12th, this week.

This is a shame because politics in the Netherlands  are extremely interesting and important at the moment. A party close to Labour, the Partij van de Arbeid (Labour Party) is challenged closely by the hard left Socialistische Partij. Dutch Labour is at present neck-and-neck with the pro-austerity Liberal party.(Here) The Socialists are expected to do well, as critics of the social democrats’ concessions to the right and inability…

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