Frank Gardner’s ego gets the better of him: brilliant!

Look out Frank, they’re behind you……..

I’m slightly puzzled why the BBC are apologising over the indiscreet remarks of their security correspondent, the ever doom-mongering Frank “Mr Paranoia” Gardner regarding the Queen’s views on Abu Hamza. It should be the Queen apologising, not them, for interfering in the way that the Royal Family all seem to think that they are entitled to.

The myth of the non-political monarch, standing above the fray, has taken another knocking, and I’m very happy about that. As I keep pointing out on here, it is brilliant when the mask slips.

And that is what Buckingham Palace is presumably so unhappy about. They try so hard to, and largely succeed in, projecting a nicey-nicey, all things to all men view of the Royals that simply doesn’t fit in with reality, and when the normally sycophantically loyal BBC inadvertently reveals the truth they get slaughtered for merely doing their jobs: reporting the facts, and nobody is disputing the facts. Clearly this is the tip of the iceberg. If the Queen decides to personally involve herself in the case of someone so insignificant, what else has she been sticking her nose into?

Frank Gardner, a man who appears utterly captured by the security lobby in this country, largely gets a free pass because of the injuries a few years that have left him partially paralysed. The truth though is that he is an oily establishment arse-kisser. He seems like the kind of smug, egotistical tosser who would namecheck the queen in a seemingly throwaway line that was clearly designed to show how connected he was. A “my cock’s bigger than yours” moment gone horribly awry methinks……

As for the Queen’s views, she’s right that Hamza is odious (although I’m unsure about deporting him to the US. He is unlikely to get a fair trial on recent evidence.) But I honestly couldn’t give a shit what she thinks about any political question, largely because I can predict what she will think and say in advance, and nor should any Home Secretary.

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