Andrew Coates sums up well my feelings on the Venezuelan elections. There is much to criticise about Chavez’s rule but the idea that the alternative is anything other than much, much worse is laughable, frankly. Chavez’s social programs have meant concrete improvements in the lives of many Venezuelans. Of course he isn’t perfect, but neither is he the Stalinist dictator that the media and even some on the left are keen to present. I for one hope he wins.

Tendance Coatesy

Today a crucial election is taking place in Venezuela.

There are many things to be said about this, and have been said.

The Tendance agrees with the position of Dave Osler (majority) outlined here.

Hugo Chávez  has faults, we all know them. His government may have socialist intentions, but not all of its actions have been without reproach.

He has said some ridiculous and demeaning  things on international issues – notably about the counter-revolutionary Iranian regime.

But he has advanced the cause of the peoples, helping the power of the poor and the working class.

Even  Libération admits inequality in the country is now the lowest in South America.

His opponent Henrique Capriles has had a make-over and now claims not to be an agent of ultra-liberalism and the US.

We do not believe this for a moment.

This is a fundamental class issue: support Chávez and wish…

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