A peroration on the fabrication of the ‘aspiration nation’

Maybe I have ideas above my station but in summation I feel a little trepidation at the notion (it’s close, so I get half a point) of David Cameron’s ‘aspiration nation’. I feel no appreciation of this government’s amortisation. I offer the following investigation by way of demonstration.

If anything, Cameron’s verbal defecation represents nothing less than the retoxification of the Tories situation in a speech of mercifully short duration. My calculation is that anything of greater prolongation would have required a vacation or a state of profound inebriation, or is that a generalization?

The creation makes clear Cameron’s affiliation and motivation. His desire for the recreation of Thatcherisation in the name of rationalization. To wit: fabrication, subjugation, privatization, Americanization, pauperization and the absence of illumination.

On this occasion (again, bloody close…..) in culmination I would posit one solicitation. Would economic mitigation, reconciliation, accommodation, regeneration and social sublimation be better representation than the depreciation, degradation, retardation and humiliation of societal mutilation?

After all that I need a libation. You’ll agree without reservation that my writing is a sensation, or are you only feeling consternation?

(If anyone can do any better do let me know)

1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Robert
    Oct 11, 2012 @ 19:45:08

    Nope I’m feeling we are fucked.


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