If the Mambo was George Osborne…….

I suppose when I first heard of George Osborne’s travails on the train I should have been angry. I should have been thinking that this was yet another example of how senior members of this government honestly believe that they should be treated differently to the rest of us.

But to be honest I just burst out laughing and spent a while imagining how the conversation with the ticket inspector would have gone. I bet he/she was loving every minute of it.

Of course this episode plays into the narrative of how this government are out of touch posh white boys but to be honest another thing stands out to me, aside from wondering if Andrew Mitchell’s resignation was brought forward to kick this story out of the headlines.

George Osborne is utterly hopeless. A half-wit. A political mediocrity with feet of clay. Given the sensitivities of these issues right now, if I was Osborne I would just have moved or paid up instantly. No discussion. No attempt to argue my point as I would know that anything I did or said at that moment could well be headline news, considering that I am the Chancellor of the Exchequer. I would have just paid, especially as I’m a millionaire. If my aide had started giving it large I would have shut him/her up there and then.

That would have been the obvious, elementary thing to do for anyone with an ounce of political nous or awareness.

The problem is that Osborne just isn’t a shrewd operator. He’s a mug. The oft-repeated claims in recent years that he is some kind of strategic genius were just nonsense. I never, ever believed it and virtually every day we have another little bit of proof that he in fact has the reverse Midas Touch.

I think I would be marginally less irritated by this government if I felt even the slightest respect for their intelligence or Macchiavellian scheming. I’ve always found evil more enticing if it’s backed up by ability. But they are morons and that makes me even more angry; angry that so many people voted for them and angry they are doing the things they are doing, and largely getting away with it.

I’m also angry that this story has over-shadowed today’s TUC anti-austerity demo, although I suppose I have contributed to that by writing seven paragraphs about George Osborne on a train and one sentence about the demo……….

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