Another feather in Colin Wanker’s cap

A philosophical disagreement?

I was a bit taken aback to hear that Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper Chris ‘what might have been’ Kirkland was assaulted by a Leeds United fan during Friday’s 1-1 draw between the two sides, which left Kirkland understandably rather shaken. Of course I don’t have high expectations that the behaviour of anyone connected with LUFC will be particularly wonderful, but it was horrible even by their barrel-scrapingly low standards.

Of course that was nothing compared to the post-match comments of Leeds manager and Mambo favourite, Colin Wanker. Firstly he suggested that Kirkland

“went down like a ton of bricks”

Of course he did. Obviously.

And then he regaled us with his reasoning why Wednesday manager Dave Jones was really so angry and had called for Leeds fans to be banned at their away matches. Naturally, in Warnock-world, it had little to do with the assault:

“He’s desperate for a win, they’ve not had a very good run and I understand his feelings being a manager – it’s a pressure game………If anything Leeds United coming here was the best thing that could have happened to him – if it was a lesser team tonight, on the run they’re on, it would have been very difficult for him, but the crowd lifted them.

Dave says a lot; he’s probably lost two points in his own mind. You can get a bit carried away.”

A couple of things to point out at this juncture.

Firstly, Colin is genuinely deranged if he thinks that Dave Jones is only angry because of the scoreline and the dropped points. The matter was a deadly serious one even if Wednesday had gone on to win 10-0.

But of course Colin doesn’t actually believe that. Warnock is well-versed in the dark arts and knows exactly what he’s doing. He has no objection at all to the way that his club’s fans behave (unless they are targetting him). Creating a siege mentality, where everyone outside the club is perceived as an enemy with brave Warnock fighting his club’s corner, is a classic Colin tactic. He wouldn’t admit it but I have sufficiently low an opinion of Warnock to suspect that he was like a dog with two dicks when Kirkland was attacked.

Secondly, Leeds glory days are long gone. They are what Colin describes as ‘a lesser team’.

Thirdly, Wednesday’s crowd would have been vociferous in support of their team because they hate Leeds, and that isn’t size-related contempt I’m afraid.

Again, it’s another classic Warnock tactic; massaging the egos of his own fans and making him seem like one of their own.

Naturally though Colin isn’t stupid enough to actually condone what happened:

“I felt embarrassed to be a manager when I saw that……I thought it was an absolute disgrace. I think they should get the guy and prosecute him and put him in prison.”

Like I say though, I bet he doesn’t give a shit. Maybe I wouldn’t either, if I was ‘a football person’ like Neil.

Credit to the Leeds fans who tweeted pictures of the offender however. They aren’t all scumbags.

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  1. SteveH
    Oct 24, 2012 @ 17:26:40

    Don’t forget that Warnock is also a pig fan.


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