The lovely Daily Mail readership

The Daily Mail is a shit paper.

No shit Mambo, you’re thinking right now.

To which I’d reply; touché, dear reader.

But I’d also reply that it is. It’s a terrible paper and the website somehow manages to be even more egregiously offensive than the print edition.

But there is one thing that is worse than Daily Mail. Well two, if you include the people who buy the paper.

And that’s the people who comment on the website.

Boy oh boy. What a gang of sad, inadequate, embittered mouth-breathers.  They really are the dregs of humanity.

They spew poison and hatred at anything, and some of them have even managed to take the issue of the Taliban’s attempted assassination of the inspiringly brave Malala Yousafzai and try and play the race card, even though she was defending the values that the right claims to want to bring to Afghanistan. Malala is here in Birmingham receiving specialist care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

In the first instance the Pakistani government is paying for her treatment but I would be proud if my taxes were being used to look after a girl willing to stand up to the medieval thugs of the Taliban. Anyone with a conscience of even the merest hint of human decency would no doubt share the same view.

Hospitals exist to treat people who are sick or hurt.

They should be and largely are colour and circumstance blind in this country, and that is something for us to celebrate (and something this government is intent of undermining inch by inch). As a fabulously wealthy nation we have the resources to treat everyone on this island plenty more besides, something that the Conservatives are trying to fool us into forgetting.

Some of the commenters at the Daily Mail believe them, sadly. Check these comments out that have been posted below an article about Malala:

  • A British medical team has flown to Pakistan to help doctors looking after 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai and will now transfer her to the UK for ‘prolonged treatment’. ——————- WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS?

True British Patriot, London, United Kingdom, 15/10/2012 11:01

  • this is so wrong….sorry….but it is

sidishoes, Nottingham, 15/10/2012 11:02

  • I thought the NHS was under funded – or is that just for its British patients?

George, Warrington, United Kingdom, 15/10/2012 1:07

  • What about the innocent british children who cant get life saving treatment over here because of the cuts, the UAE said they would take her and they can afford it if pakistan refuse their offer to pay for all treatment!!!!! too much compassion non realistic living in cuckoo land DM reader

 davy crocket, new mexico, 15/10/2012 9:42

  • Its all very well shes survived and good on her for standing up for womens rights but does she have to come here???

MrBratt, Brighton, United Kingdom, 15/10/2012 12:12

  • While people are waiting for operations, let’s just fly someone over to get priority treatment! this country has it all so very very wrong.

mj, West Midlands, 15/10/2012 11:32

Now admittedly I’ve pulled these from the ‘worst rated’ section but considering the numbers I found one can hardly argue that this is an isolated troll. Leaving aside the factual inaccuracies (as pointed out the Pakistani government are paying for Malala’s treatment) it bewilders me why people are getting so angry over what will in the grand scheme of things turn out to be a tiny amount of money.

But that’s the Daily Mail for you.

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