To be honest I’m too much of a coward to take a stand and re-publish some of the names and accusations being thrown around in the wake of the Savile scandal, but it’s fair to say that a lot of people are involved. The BBC as much as any institution or body of men and women, and an awful lot of current and former employees of that august body have an awful lot of questions to answer right now. Regular readers will know I am no great fan of the BBC, but it’s pretty obvious that many of the people attacking it so savagely right now have their own axes to grind. In particular, it is laughable to see the Sun get on their high horses attacking the culture at the BBC when not so long ago they were engulfed by a scandal every bit as serious and deep-rooted as this one. Savile’s behaviour, the truth of which gets more and more loathsome and sickening as each day passes, was indulged and tolerated by people from many institutions and branches of civil society. The piece I’m re-blogging here makes a number of excellent points with regard to the other recent, serious failings of the BBC that aren’t the subject of such intense criticism, oddly.

Think Left

The furore over Jimmy Saville and the BBC is just a re-run of the tactics used over weapons of mass destruction and the subsequent death of Dr David Kelly.   The public are being ‘slid’ into believing that trust in the BBC is the major issue, whilst the really astounding cover-up of the failures of the powers elite are ignored.

‘The BBC’s uncovering of its own cover-up was uncovered by the BBC’s Panorama after it uncovered a cover-up by the BBC’s Newsnight which it is alleged was attempting to uncover a cover-up which was eventually only uncovered by ITV’. Pride’s Purge

Meanwhile, reporting has all but disappeared of the many children who were sexually abused in hospitals, Children’s homes, Broadmoor, approved schools and in the wider community, by a man who hobnobbed with royalty; spent Christmas at Chequers with the Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; was appointed by Edwina Curry to…

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