Barack Obama should tell Donald Trump to fuck off

Just thought I’d say a couple, and it is only a couple of words, on Donald Trump’s demands to see Barack Obama’s college records (why?). In return he will ‘donate’ $5 million to charity.

The obsession with Barack Obama’s background is the product of small, desperate minds and Trump is nothing if not a bit of a dunce (how he came to be so successful I will never know. Proof that intelligence doesn’t correlate with wealth…..) Presumably he thinks this, combined with his previous pre-occupation, Obama’s birth certificate, is scoring a significant political victory, when in fact it looks desperate and racist. Which it is of course.

The truth is Trump is a joke, who clearly sees politics as just another opportunity to promote himself, massage his ego, gain attention and make more money.

A joke far too close to the levers of power, rather like Boris Johnson, but a joke nonetheless.  

But there is another aspect of this that troubles me more than all the others. The emotional blackmail of the offered charity donation. It’s a nasty, cynical move by Trump, firstly flashing his obscene wealth about (if he can throw such sums about over something so trivial he needs at least 99% of his fortune taken off him) and secondly implying that if Obama fails to acquiesce he will be depriving the needy of cash. How could you do that Barack? Those poor kiddies. All you have to do is show us your silly college records and they will all be ok.  

We’ve seen with the Savile scandal the dangers inherent in allowing ‘charity’ to trump, as it were, all other considerations. With Savile, it was many people who should have known better turning a blind eye to his crimes. With Trump’s ‘offer’ (although needless to say it isn’t quite as disturbing as the stuff with Savile) it is about playing the game of the racists.

Obama should tell Trump to swivel, amongst other things. If you give animals like Donald Trump an inch, they will come back for a mile.

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